Turn Your Pet Into an Astronaut With These Carriers

The U-Pet Bubble Carrier gives your pet a unique space-suit inspired view of the world. . (Photo: U-Pet)

Looking for a more convenient way to transport your cat around town?

U-Pets has developed a line of spacesuit-inspired Bubble Carriers, complete with a bubble window for views of the outside world. The satchels, backpacks and suitcases are all made from nontoxic materials and meet USDA & IATA requirements for travel on most major airlines. Reaction from the Internet was mixed, with many praising the "cat-packs," and others wondering if there's a cat that exists that might actually tolerate being held within it.

While my immediate concern would be the size and quantity of the air holes in these products, the reviews from people who have tried them are rather glowing.

"This cat carrier is so cute and unique," wrote one reviewer on Amazon. "With the bubble window, it makes me think of a tiny spaceship with a cat at the helm. There's a large mesh area near the bottom of each side that doesn't look like much, but from the inside the cat can get a good view of the world. And it's a backpack too! So cool!"

While others with larger cats (or small dogs) recommended looking elsewhere.

"I have a 10-pound schnoodle and this was way to [sic] confining for him," shared one reviewer. "I could get him into it but it was a struggle and he did not like it. I do like the look of it and the concept is great."

Remember, looks aren't everything. So if you're in the market for a new pet carrier, make sure it's something that will make your animal as comfortable as possible. Traveling, especially around the holidays, can be stressful for any living creature. In fact, make sure to reference our helpful list of things to consider before setting off with your furry best friend.