Triton the Lion Becomes a Big Kitten When Soccer Ball Comes Out

Even big cats can behave like domestic house cats under the right circumstances, and Triton, a lion at the Johannesburg Zoo, is no exception.

This lion, who appears to be half mane upon first inspection, gets excited at just the appearance of a soccer ball held by the zoo's carnivore keeper. But once the ball is in Triton's habitat, all bets are off as the big cat morphs into a little kitten. Triton paws at the soccer ball like it's a squeaky mouse toy, clearly reveling in the fun.

Triton chases after the soccer ball all over his enclosure, including into the nearby pond. Triton does struggle to get the ball out of the pond, however. (We're not sure if grabbing the ball with his mouth is a yellow card offense or not, but we're certainly not going to call him on it.)