Trippy Timelapse of Mushrooms Coming to Life Is Pure Magic

©. kuysang cho

This spectacular video shows what the mushrooms are doing when the humans aren't looking.

I tend to gush about the natural world. Sometimes I get hyperbolic and use terms like breathtaking and jaw-dropping – and maybe people wonder if my breath was actually taken and if my jaw really dropped. Well I am here to say that the video below was literally breathtaking and jaw-dropping for me. My heavens, it is exquisite.

Now I know I am not the first person to discover this timelapse, which was originally posted by Next Observer. On their Facebook page it has more than 240,000 reactions and 68,000 comments. But I really want to share it anyway, I know that not everyone hangs around Facebook for their nature fixes.

The clip is called a "mushroom bloom" timelapse. Though I believe it would be more accurate to call it a fungus fruiting timelapse, since there are organisms other than mushrooms in there (hi, slime mold!). And fungus doesn't exactly bloom, but rather, fruits, as far as I understand. But nonetheless, minor details – the point is that these things are incredible.

See for yourself ... and in the meantime, I'll be catching my breath and returning my jaw to its normal position.