This Trick Could Save Your Plants From Overwatering

©. TheBlackRhino/Shutterstock

People get overzealous and end up drowning their plants all the time. If only there were a way to avoid this dreadful calamity. Something that looks like:

ice cubes
©. PR2Design/Shutterstock

© PR2Design/Shutterstock

Yep, ice cubes. Instead of depending on water like a commoner, you can just put ice cubes on the soil. At least, that's what Just Add Ice, a company that sells orchids and encourages people to water them with ice, claims. Since ice cubes are already measured, you'll always know exactly how much water you're using.

"I've been feeding my orchid its ice every Friday, and it's been blooming spectacularly for the past three months," writes Rebecca Straus (no relation), a proud plant owner.

Plus, ice cubes melt slowly, meaning the plant roots won't be drenched all at once.

"First-time houseplant owners especially love this idea since it takes the guesswork out of how much and how often to water," continued Straus. "And it's a good idea, too, given that houseplants are more frequently killed by drowning than by dehydration. Orchids, in particular, are prone to root rot, which is usually the result of overzealous watering by helicopter plant parents."

Use this tip with caution. Ice cubes may or may not be a good idea for plants used to warm, tropical conditions. But it's certainly a cool idea, one I plan on trying out.