9/11 Tribute Film Spotlights the Dogs and Handlers Who Worked at Ground Zero

Millions of people across the United States take time on Sept. 11 to remember those who died in the attacks in 2001, as well as those who responded.

Among them were the 4-legged heroes who arrived at Ground Zero to help find survivors amongst the rubble.

While the search dogs who helped then have all since passed, this film by explore.org helps us remember their impact.

This story focuses on Abby the rescue dog and her handler, Debra Tosch. Abby helped find and save countless lives at the site of the World Trade Center over 10 days.

After her efforts at Ground Zero, Tosch went on to become executive director of the Search Dog Foundation in 2005. (Since 2017, she has served as director of finance.)

This heartwarming film is a great way to remember those who responded.