Tribal Communities Focus on Green Jobs

The greening economy is for everyone in the country. (Photo: Wonderlane [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

Everyone is trying to get a piece of the green jobs pie. Recently, I’ve discussed the issue of women being under-represented in many green collar industries as well as the need to ensure that green job opportunities are extended to low-income, under employed, and unemployed populations. Today, I’m discussing an initiative in California that will focus on bring green jobs to the state’s Native American communities.

The initiative is a project of the California Indian Manpower Consortium (CIMC). The CIMC was founded in 1978 and helps meet the employment needs of the Consortium member tribes.

"Native American tribes across California are willing and eager to participate in our country's emerging green economy," said Lorenda Sanchez, executive director of CIMC. "It is only fitting that the communities who first inhabited our country are being returned to the role of its steward to help preserve it for future generations." Source: PR Newswire