VIDEO HOW TO: Green Your Gifts #1


Olivia Zaleski has a green gift-giving tip for you. Watch the ecoriginal hi-definition video after the jump..

Valentine's Day can easily become an 11th hour gift-giving occasion even when we've been encouraging you to give greener love with our gift guide. So if you're sweating it out, planning to run from work to grab some last-ditch goodies for your green someone, perhaps someone needs to have a good talk with you. Specifically, that potential gift recipient. We're not suggesting you eat V-day crow, rather, it's never too late for the giver to simply speak with the give-ee before hand. No, no it doesn't spoil the surprise, you can hint and beat around the bush and have a right good, flirty time of it (flirting not recommended for blood relatives as that might get a little weird). By knowing what that special susty someone truly wants or needs, you can ensure that your gift doesn't go to waste or wind-up in a landfill. And you just might wind up having the romantic time of your life.
How To Green Your Gifts #1 from George Spyros on Vimeo.

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