TreeHugger Founder Graham Hill Reveals to Ben Harper What's in a Name


TreeHugger? Why would you name a website TreeHugger? That's the (non-fossil fueled) burning question, of course...

In this 90-second video with Ben Harper and TreeHugger founder Graham Hill--part four in our GREEN DEETS series with Harper--Hill reveals what hugging trees is really all about.

In addition to the fantastic group of TreeHuggers who comprise this site, one of the many many reasons for's success may be its a smart, playful and ultimately powerful name. The name indicates that even someone with a collared shirt (i.e. wearing a suit), and not Birkenstocks, can contribute meaningful actions toward solving the environmental crisis. Basically, the appropriation of this once derogatory term steals power from those who would use it in schoolyard fashion (hello *fox news*) as "sticks and stones." Not only can that particular word never hurt us, it no longer has power to harm the natural resources and biota we seek to protect. "TreeHugger" has been removed from the wordy weapons cache of a noise-machine intent on distracting homo sapiens from our current generational mission. That mission itself takes us back to a question asked by William McDonough">William McDonough in his 2005 TED presentation, which asks the question, How do we love all the children of all species for all time? (A hint: Begin, end, and begin again with a hug.)
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