THTV: Pro Surfer Rob Machado is 'The Drifter' in New Surf Flick, Part 1 (Video)

THTV: Rob Machado & Graham Hill -- The Drifter -- Part 1 from on Vimeo.

TreeHugger founder Graham Hill sat down with professional surfer and now "drifter" Rob Machado. The film The Drifter follows Machado in Indonesia as he surfs and attempts to drop out a bit in order to get in touch with nature and ultimately himself. Most TreeHuggers are familiar with the increased resource strain brought about by the ever-increasing human population, and Machado's journey highlights some of the challenges as well as the opportunities of living in a crowded world. Trailer for The Drifter after the jump.

The Drifter - Rob Machado from Koastal Media on Vimeo.

In the summer of 2008, iconic surfer and former Pipe Master Rob Machado flew to Indonesia to experience a different kind of surf trip. A journey that would take him way beyond his comfort zone, to the point where he could finally be alone with his thoughts, his desires and the empty perfection of an unnamed Indian Ocean reef. What did he discover? You never stop dreaming. Even when they come true.

Directed by - Taylor Steele

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