THTV: Los Angeles Organic Vegetable Express 2:00

L.O.V.E. brings organic vegetables right to your door.

Are you tired and don’t want to get up off the couch, but really wish you had a persimmon to munch on? Don’t worry L.O.V.E. has you covered. The Los Angeles Organic Vegetable Express is a service that brings fruits and vegetables of your choice, right to your doorstep. All their boxes and delivery frequencies are completely customizable. You just tell ‘em what you want, and they’ll drop it off. Organic made easy!

If pesticides are gonna get in your body, chances are there they’ll get there through the fruits and vegetables that you eat. So going organic just makes sense. But, as with all things worth caring about, the solutions are complicated, like eating organic vs. local. There is even a university or two that offer degrees in organic farming. One thing is for certain though, any of these alternatives would be better than biting into that juicy genetically modified apple you get at your average supermarket. Mmmm… it’s like you can taste the gene splicing. Available formats: iTunes, MOV

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