Students Explain Why They Care About the Environment (Video)

Philippe Cousteau SxSW Eco Photo© Chris Tackett

One of the big takeaways from SxSW Eco for me was the importance of getting kids to understand and care about the environment. This topic came up in a number of panels and was a popular idea on Twitter. On one day of the conference, a group of students from the The Khabele School in Austin attended to learn about environmental issues and hear keynote speaker Philippe Cousteau. I was curious to hear why these students cared about the environment and what they wished parents, politicians and adults in power would do about environmental issues. Here's what a few of them had to say.

Inspiring, right? I wish I had been as well-informed as these students are when I was their age! It's great to know that schools like Khabele are teaching students about environmental conservation and sustainability. Hopefully the adults running things now won't screw things up so badly that this next generation can't fix it.

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