Spiral Island Update: TreeHugger TV Visits Rishi Sowa


Back in 2005 Collin reported on Reishee Sowa and his floating island made from a quarter of a million used pop bottles. An admiring Collin wrote "While we aren't sure we'll be able to solve the world's problems by building floating islands from recycled pop bottles, it's the spirit of his work that we like best. He's able to live self-sufficiently in his own version of paradise, and that sounds pretty good to us."

Alas, in 2007 we reported that Reishee lost his island to a hurricane and had to start all over. The pictures we showed looked pretty lame. But it sure doesn't any more.


Fast forward to the present and Reishee has become Rishi (and sometimes Richie) and his island has grown; TreeHugger TV visited him this spring and airs tomorrow. His new island is a bit smaller, a modest 120,000 bottles, but he has "all the luxuries of home, including a private island for his ducks and a conch shell intercom system."


On his social networking website, Rishi tells us how his islands might benefit the world.

This old world economy is upsetting nature's balance and polluting the air, so now carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are exponentially increasing as a seemingly ever growing world population using unecological industries continues to creep over the surface area of our gem of a planet and Mother Earth. We can actually help to balance this out and even reverse this process with floating islands. They can be all over the globe, on rivers, lakes and in protected oceans. They can provide sustainable habitats for plants, animals and humans can be even made on dry ground in potential flood areas such as Bangladesh. Peoples homes, gardens and lives can actually be saved instead of being washed away by the flood and if tethered the islands would even be in the same place after the flood subsided.

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