Ralph Nader Talks About Global Warming In 2000 (15 Sec)

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It's not so much that Nader had a crystal ball capable of predicting global warming (Salon suggests he used a foggy one to endorse Edwards for Prez and reviews Nader criticism regarding Gore's lacking enviro walk in 2000) Nader was ahead of the curve for using commerce-based climate solutions as a political lever. Naderville is all about linking in politicos to the public sphere -- which can be a great big green ball if we all buy into it.
Ralph Nader Proposing a Green Party to Take on Global Warming -- The "Spoiler" Candidate Speaks During the 2000 Election from George Spyros on Vimeo.

Tim Grieve recalls Darth Nader a few days before the 2000 election:

When Sam Donaldson suggested to Nader that Gore's views on the environment were much closer to his than Bush's were, Nader said that Gore could not "conform his deeds to his words," accused him of having only "linguistic differences" with Bush, and then asked: "Has Al Gore ever fought for any of these things, really?"

"He wrote a great book," Nader said of Gore, "but he can't put it in practice."

via:: Salon