How to Buy Green Produce w/Marion Nestle

This week on TreeHuggerTV we are back in the supermarket shopping with nutriton expert Marion Nestle. You may have caught a previous THTV episode when Marion was helping us to buy green milk. This week we're in the fruit and veg aisle and Marion is lamenting the fact that lack of labelling means we can't tell where the apples come from. This is especially frustrating when they are out of season because we can't tell how far round the world they've travelled. Come help us carry the shopping basket and learn more about the pros and cons of selecting organic fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. To digest more healthy info on green produce you can munch your way through the TreeHugger archives. First up is the controversy surrounding the latest appointments at the National Organics Standard Board (NOSB) by the USDA. While we're in favour of organics we are also in favour of a balanced and diverse group of experts advising the USDA on how to regulate the organics industry. Read more about USDA organic produce labelling here.

Back in the supermarket you can catch up with how the sales of Organic produce in the UK continue to rise. In the US for better or for worse Wal-Mart has now jumped on the organic band wagon. However, some of you might feel happier shopping at Wholefoods or even using organic produce delivery services such as L.O.V.E. Your local farmers' market is also a great option where you can choose what you want and be assured that it is local, organic and in season. If you aren't full to bursting yet then check out the TH How to Green Your Meals Guide for some extra tips.

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