GREEN DEETS 017: Ben Harper in Conversation with Graham Hill Part 2 -- VIDEO


Enviro Causes, Obama and the Nobility of Finding Solutions

Ben Harper:

There's no nobility in glorifying the problem. The nobility is in finding the solution.

Video running time 3.5 minutes

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:: Ben's Eco-Hero: Chad Pregracke of Living Lands & Waters

:: Living Lands & Waters:

Has collected over 250 tons or nine barge loads of garbage from the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Anacostia, Potomac, Illinois and Rock Rivers.

Its Adopt-a-River Mile consists of 83 groups covering 164.1 total miles.

The Harpers Ferry River Friends group collected 42,000 pounds of trash during their first cleanup in 2004.

For the ten years, Living Lands & Waters focused its efforts on cleaning up garbage littering America’s big rivers. In 2003 LL&W; launched the next two phases of its project, The MillionTrees Project, restoring our rivers to a more natural state by planting trees and removing invasive plants, and educating the public on the need to preserve and protect these natural resources.

LL&W; Riverbottom Forest Restoration Project was created in 2003 as yet another way for Living Lands & Waters to improve our Nation’s Big Rivers. Over the years, a decline in riverbottom hardwoods became recognizable. The bottomland forest ecosystem is lacking the diversity of nut and fruit baring trees. Seed from native hardwoods, such as oaks and hickories, is important to provide food and habitat for wildlife. Natives also tend to be more tolerable to flood and drought. Living Lands & Waters recognized the importance of replenishing bottomlands with native hardwoods.

:: Chad Pregracke's 2007 book is From the Bottom Up: One Man’s Crusade to Clean America’s Rivers the story of the creation and evolution of LL&W;, its successes and challenges.

:: TreeHugger on LL&W; here.

Fight Outta You from the Album LIFELINE by Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

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