Convenient Truths - Interfaith

This week on TreeHuggerTV we are bringing you an example of an entry into the Convenient Truths contest. This short film was made by the Weather Channel initiative One Degree and demostrates the effectiveness of communities getting together to watch viewings of An Inconvenient Truth. In October last year in 4000 churches across the US half a million people showed up to watch the educational film about Global Warming. The mass screenings were organised by Interfaith Power and Light in a nation wide effort to get people of all faiths to engage with environmental issues. It is wonderful to see in this short film how people are clearly moved and motivated after watching An Inconvenient Truth. They all want to do something proactive to help. If you want to do something to encourge people to act then please send in entries to the Convenient Truths video contest. It's not long until the February 28th deadline so get filming with what ever comes to hand, a camcorder, a digital camera, or even your mobile phone. We look forward to seeing your suggestions for convenient solutions to Global Warming.The maker of the next entry to the Convenient Truths contest will be lucky enough to chat with Daryl Hannah on the phone. These two (1 and 2) entrants have already had the pleasure! To get inspired you can see other entries to the contest by scrolling through the contest blog here. You can get connected with these passionate eco-film makers through our google group and our MySpace page. There are up to $30k worth of prizes to be won in this contest so it's not only the climate at stake here! Videos will be selected based on how inspiring, pragmatic and compelling they are. "Both big and small solutions have their own benefits," said Graham Hill, Founder of TreeHugger "Whether a video submission is about someone carrying home their groceries in their own cloth bag or about switching an office building over to solar-powered heating, we're looking forward to seeing a great variety of each." The winning videos will be hosted on and broadcast on various outlets including One Degree.

In other good news the narrator of this week's TreeHuggerTV Interfaith video Dr. Heidi Cullen, The Weather Channel's climate expert, will be interviewed on TreeHugger Radio at the end of Jan - keep an ear out for it!

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