Treehugger's Original Selection Criteria

hands hugging a tree
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This is a legacy post from 2004, enjoy!

TreeHugger’s primary goal is to make it easier for consumers to shift their buying decisions in a greener direction by making it convenient for them to research and purchase environmental yet compelling products and services. Its secondary goal is to help influence designers, manufacturers, and retailers to incorporate both good modern design and environmental responsibility in their offerings.

TreeHugger believes there are multiple roles to be played in shifting the world towards a sustainable future. We believe that there need to be environmental purists who will accept nothing but entirely sustainable products. We also believe that to help move the mass market towards sustainability, momentum needs to be gathered around products that are significantly better than their counterparts yet are not perfectly sustainable. TreeHugger will do its best to highlight close to perfect products that also have a modern aesthetic but in order to round out our offerings, we will also highlight products that are better than most, but still have a way to go.

TreeHugger’s criterion will evolve over time. Our initial approach will be loose as we get our sea legs. We will consider things such as material types and amounts, transportation, timelessness of styling, durability, and repairability, multifunctionality, weight, etc ... If you disagree with our picks, please let us know why and if we agree, we may change our postings. We appreciate any and all comments but may not be able to respond to them.