TreeHugger Radio: The IPCC's "Unequivocal" Message, An Atmosphere of Pressure for Government Climate Scientists, and Natural Capitalist Hunter Lovins Comments


This week on TreeHugger Radio: EPA official Jim Titus sings a cheerful song of warning, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, for which Titus is also a reviewer, sings a song of "unequivocal" warming. The Union of Concerned Scientists recaps the findings of the group's recent report, Atmosphere of Pressure, that found widespread interference by the Bush administration into the research of government climate scientists. Almost simultaneously, news surfaced that an oil-funded think tank was paying upwards of $10,000 to economists and scientists to cast doubt on the IPCC's findings. TreeHugger Radio asks Natural Capitalism author Hunter Lovins for her thoughts on the matter. TreeHugger Radio can be heard every Friday on EcoTalk as well as streaming on TreeHugger and now as a podcast via iTunes. (listen or right-click to download) ::TreeHugger Radio