TreeHugger Radio: The Green Collar Economy Flourish in New York, and the Whale Plane Takes to the Skies


This week, the DOE Fund is giving new meaning to the word recovery. As New York's only on-demand restaurant waste-oil pickup service, the organization is giving jobs to men trying to get their lives back on track, while turning the city's grease into biodiesel. We speak with DOE founder George McDonald and with Lester Ross, a man whose path to recovery has helped green New York. We also hear from Patrick Ramge of the International Fund for Animal Welfare and his son Henry, who are flying across the US in a specially outfitted "whale plane" collecting children's art as the world debates reopening commercial whaling. Our soundtrack comes from Brazilian artist CéU, courtesy of, and this week's show wraps up with a whale rap performed by Guatemalan elementary school students.
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(TreeHugger Radio is written by Simran Sethi and produced by Jacob Gordon)

(Images credits: IFAW and The New York Times)

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