TreeHugger Radio: The Fight to Keep Climate Science in the White House (Oh Yes, and Giant iPhone Bills)


This week we speak with a lead attorney from Center for Biological Diversity, one of three groups to sue the White House over its refusal to update critical climate reports. The Secretary of Transportation confidently declares that bicycles aren’t actually a form of transportation. We also hear from our tech correspondent about a new self-fueled technology with the power to turn chicken droppings into bio oil. Also, New York becomes the second state to approve climate impact stickers for new cars. Plus, while the iPhone may be sleek and efficient, there’s nothing sleek about a paper phone bill hundreds of pages long. Pick up TreeHugger Radio on iTunes or listen/right click to download. ::TreeHugger Radio
(TreeHugger Radio is written and produced by Jacob Gordon and hosted by Simran Sethi).

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