TreeHugger Radio: Listen to the Bookkeeper


Mathis Wackernagel is the executive director of The Global Footprint Network, an organization that acts like the bookkeeper for the planet's ecological bounty. Each year, the group calculates the exact day when we have exhausted what the Earth can sustainably offer up for that year. It's called World Overshoot Day, and last year it came in October (see graphic after the jump). In this extended interview, TreeHugger correspondent Meaghan O'Neill plumbs Mathis' thoughts on how we can "live satisfying lives within the means of Earth's ecological capacity." It's a bit longer than usual, but hang in there. It's always smart to listen to your bookkeeper. Subscribe to TreeHugger Radio on iTunes or listen/right click to download. ::TreeHugger Radio
(TreeHugger Radio is written by Simran Sethi and produced by Jacob Gordon)