TreeHugger Radio is Now Podcast Activated


Yes, folks. The audio division of your favorite green-lifestyle, more-punch-less-crunch, eco-optimist blog is now hot and ready for your podcasting pleasure. We've been cranking along with this experiment in green web radio for a little bit now and we're currently on our 17th segment. Already we've featured some of the world's brightest and more engaging people while covering green news from around the world. Of course every single TH Radio segment is available on the Radio page, as well as being broadcast every Friday on the good old AM and satellite waves thanks to our partners EcoTalk and Air America. To start getting weekly TreeHugger Radio podcasts plus extended interviews with the likes of Paul Hawken, Daryl Hannah, and Heidi Cullen, paste this link into iTunes. More detailed instructions after the fold.
To get TreeHugger Radio's podcast, open iTunes, click on "Advanced" at the top of the page, and select Subscribe to Podcast. Cut and paste into the pane and then click OK. You should be good to go. You will be able to access past episodes and interviews as well as the week's most current. Please enjoy!