TreeHugger Radio: Grist's List, The Value of a New York Tree, and the Dispatch from China's Auto Shows


As you rub your eyes and emerge from the Earth Day haze, TreeHugger Radio gives you the post-Earth Day hangover episode. This week, we talk to David Roberts from Grist about the webmag’s unorthodox list of chart toppers, including the least noteworthy green news stories, the most eco-friendly nudie model, and the strangest thing to turn into biodiesel. TreeHugger’s own Alex Pasternack reports from Beijing on China’s recent car show season, and Emily Gertz from Worldchanging explains how to hang a price tag on a tree. Catch TreeHugger Radio each week on Air America’s EcoTalk, here on, or pick up the podcast on iTunes. (listen/right click to download) ::TreeHugger Radio