TreeHugger Radio: Greenland's Bounce-back, Norway's Organic Prison, and Seattle's Goats


This week, Jasmin Malik Chua looks at how Greenland’s melting glaciers are causing bedrock bounce-back, and what this means for earthquakes and volcanoes on the top of the world. Stan Cox tells how the go-go housing boom left America with an extra large serving of McMansions; and how the green home alternative isn’t necessarily any better. In Norway, they’ve got a green prison where inmates recycle and eat organic. And in Seattle, councilman Richard Conlin is about to win a fight that will let his citizens keep miniature goats, and all the sustainable perks that come along with them. Listen to TreeHugger Radio on iTunes or listen/right click to download. ::TreeHugger Radio
(TreeHugger Radio is written and produced by Jacob Gordon and hosted by Simran Sethi).

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