TreeHugger Radio: A Final Episode and Nine of Our Favorite Moments With Amazing People

TreeHugger Radio Final Episode© TreeHugger
I'm afraid it’s time to say goodbye. TreeHugger Radio, at least in this incarnation, is coming to a close today. In this final installment we step back through time into some of our favorite conversations. We’re so lucky to have had such a roster of phenomenal guests over the years that it was painful to choose just these few, but here they are: Wade Davis, Jeff Sachs, Sylvia Earle, Van Jones, James Hansen, Wangari Maathai, Frances Moore Lappe, George Monbiot, and Alan Rabinowitz. These luminaries personify true passion and dedication to building a future that works.

My deepest hope is that hearing them speak might deepen your awe for this wondrous world, and inspire you to shape it for the better.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time to be a guest on the program, and to everyone who listened over the years.

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