TreeHugger Radio: Climate Talks Advance Sans US, The Lightning of Climate Change, and Mexico City's Plan Verde


The expiration of the Kyoto Protocol is still a few years off, but recent talks in Vienna helped lay the groundwork for a major upcoming climate summit in Bali. And as the climate continues to rapidly shift gears, new NOAA research tries to tease out the exact extent of the human impact from other hectic activity like El Nino. The human hand, needless to say, weighs heavy. Also, while most storm studies examine big events like hurricanes, the pioneering work of a NASA scientist is looking at thunderstorms and the new shape they’re taking. And from Mexico City, TreeHugger correspondent Eliza Barclay reports on the mayor’s new green plan and the controversy it has sparked. Listen to TreeHugger Radio on iTunes or listen/right click to download. ::TreeHugger Radio
(TreeHugger Radio is written and produced by Jacob Gordon and hosted by Simran Sethi).

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