TreeHugger Radio: Britain Misses the Mark, Reviving the Highlands, and The Blackening of Google


After Britain made exciting commitments to renewable energy, leaked information now reveals that the country can’t even come close to meeting its goal of 20% renewables by 2020. We speak to Richard Hawkins of ZeroCarbonBritain about how the mark was missed. Also, while the Scottish highlands are beautiful, they’re not what they used to be. Now, a maverick millionaire with a dangerous animals permit wants to bring things back to the way they were 2000 years ago. We also chat with TreeHugger correspondant Mark Ontkush about the blackening of Google and what web colors can do for energy savings. Subscribe to TreeHugger Radio on iTunes or listen/right click to download. ::TreeHugger Radio
(TreeHugger Radio is written and produced by Jacob Gordon and narrated by Simran Sethi).

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