TreeHugger Radio: An Interview with Bob Perkowitz on the Branding of Environmentalism and what NASCAR can do for the Planet


This week, Simran Sethi speaks with Bob Perkowitz, a passionate environmentalist, dynamic conservative, and a serial entrepreneur. Aside from sitting on TreeHugger’s board of directors, other hats worn by Mr. Perkowitz include being the president and founder of ecoAmerica, a trustee of the Sierra Club and Environmental Defense, and managing partner of VivaTerra. He offers us a refreshing approach on spreading the green message and how different An Inconvenient Truth would have been if Arnold Schwarzenegger had been the star. Our soundtrack, as always, is compliments of Calabash Music. Catch TreeHugger Radio each week on Air America’s EcoTalk, here on, or pick up the podcast on iTunes. (listen/right click to download) ::TreeHugger Radio

(Interview conducted by Simran Sethi, produced by Jacob Gordon)