TreeHugger Radio #200: The Pipeline That Won't Die, Helium Shortages, Franken-Legos, and More

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If you’ll humor us, dear TreeHuggers, we’d like to shuffle things around a bit. For the last few years, our podcast has been about in-depth interviews with superstars from the environmental realm. And it’s been a blast. Some of my favorite guests have been Isabella Rossellini, Sylvia Earle, Jeff Sachs, Bill McKibben, Margaret Atwood, and that woman who ate grubs on the show. But change is good, so we’re going with it.

Here’s what we’re thinking: each week the inimitable Brian Merchant and I are going to try and serve you up the most timely, moving, uplifting, depressing, weird, and/or wonderful stories from the pages of TreeHugger and beyond. In this week's crash-course we cover helium shortages, the Keystone XL pipeline, sharkfin carnage in China, foul-mouthed 3D printed Lego mutants, laser paper recycling, and more. Something for the whole family!

We don’t know where this experiment is going to take us, exactly, so we’d love it if you took a listen and let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments below, or by email at

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