TreeHugger Radio 18: A Conversation with The Weather Channel's Dr. Heidi


Dr. Heidi Cullen is not your average weather lady. She is The Weather Channel's resident expert entrusted with decoding complex environmental phenomena for broad audiences. She hosts The Climate Code, is a judge in TreeHugger's Convenient Truths video contest (brought to you by TreeHugger and Seventh Generation), and is a trusted voice on issues of climate change and its associated weather events. Dr. Heidi, as television has fondly dubbed her, earned her PhD from Columbia University and before joining Stu Ostro and the "severe weather alley" team at The Weather Channel, she was a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO (extended bio here). In this week's interview, Simran Sethi and Dr. Cullen delve into the challenges of climate hype, what the Florida Everglades have to do with global warming, and how people think about risk. (listen) ::TreeHugger Radio

[TreeHugger Radio is hosted, written, and produced by Simran Sethi and Jacob Gordon with support from Nick Aster and Sami Grover.]