The TH Interview: News Corp.'s Carbon Neutral Empire (Part 2)

Rachel Webber TreeHugger Radio image

We all know how green Hollywood wants to appear. We also know how ungreen the entertainment economy can truly be. In the second portion of our conversation with News Corporation’s Director of Energy Initiatives, Rachel Webber grapples with this schizophrenia as she delves deeper into how Murdoch’s media empire plans to both calculate and neutralize its own global footprint. She also serves up some tasty details, like how it took shooting in a submarine for the producers of 24 to discover the power of LED set lights, and how the American Idol finale brought solar power to the Nokia Center. ::TreeHugger Radio

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Check out Part One of this interview here.

Special thanks goes to CraigMichaels, the organizer of the Sustainable Operations Summit, for arranging this interview.

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