The TH Interview: News Corp.'s Carbon Neutral Empire (Part 1)

Rachel Webber TreeHugger Radio image

In a baffling shift of climate, Hell has frozen over. The flash freeze wasn’t precipitated by a crumbling ice shelf or rising sea—or maybe it was. Rupert Murdoch, the founder and CEO of News Corporation, has decided to render his global conglomerate carbon neutral, as well as educate the public and green up the many tendrils of his enormous news business. Murdoch’s media empire contains such brands as Fox Broadcasting, MySpace, and the Wall Street Journal.

Rachel Webber is News Corp.’s Director of Energy Initiatives. She spoke with TreeHugger about how this unexpected shift came about, and how it’s rolling out. Webber says that greening up News Corp means many things, from offsetting emissions to changing public perception (something News Corp is uniquely good at). Sustainability won’t truly click, she says, until it’s cool for two kids to make out in the back of a Prius. ::TreeHugger Radio

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Special thanks goes to CraigMichaels, the organizer of the Sustainable Operations Summit, for arranging this interview.

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