The TH Interview: Chris Goodall--Ten Techs to Save Our Butts (Part One)

Chris Goodall TreeHugger Interview Image.jpg

Mr. Goodall phrases it more elegantly than we have, to be sure, but the premise is the same: if we want to avoid big trouble in paradise, we need to get very busy with radically new technologies. Goodall is an author (his previous book was How to Live a Low-Carbon Life), blogger, and a regular contributor to the Guardian Environment Network. His new book, Ten Technologies to Save the Planet (see our recent review), is a pragmatic yet nerdily scintillating survey of green tech. Not one to tag along with the herd (this is the man who said driving is greener than walking), Goodall calls it like he sees it, dubbing some techs rubbish (micro wind power), and provoking us to strip the stigma from others (carbon capture and storage). In part one of our conversation, Goodall leads us into the frontlines of the energy revolution.

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