The TH Interview: Adobe Talks Shop

TreeHugger Radio Adobe image

Silicon Valley has officially had green fever for some time, now. A case in point is our recent interview with Chris Page, Yahoo’s sustainability maven. Adobe, the maker of Photoshop, Acrobat, Flash, etc. is also taking some of these lessons to heart and putting its buildings under the lens—and no, this isn’t a green Photoshop job. Adobe’s Randy Knox takes care of the company’s growing physical presence in San Jose, CA. Adobe’s buildings feature a bevy of cost-saving, energy-saving systems, including a computer network that checks the weather forecast before turning on the sprinklers. Adobe is also employing its infamous knack for slick visuals to illustrate and inform the process. ::TreeHugger Radio

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Special thanks goes to CraigMichaels, the organizer of the Sustainable Operations Summit, for arranging this interview.

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