TH Radio Special: Inside Tesla Motors (With Pics)

Darryl Siry Tesla photo

Like Angelina Jolie, the Tesla Roadster looks smaller in person. Notwithstanding all the hype and speed-geek obsession around the electric car, it is a stunning thing to behold; truly elegant. Tesla’s San Carlos engineering facility is where the masterpiece is crafted, and TreeHugger Radio got a nice deep look inside. VP of Marketing Darryl Siry gave us the latest on the delivery of the Roadster, the star-studded waiting list, and even let us snag some exclusive shots (below the jump). ::TreeHugger Radio

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Tesla Roadster orange photo

Tesla electric motor photo
(The electric motor: "about the size of a pumpkin.")

Bob Sexton Tesla photo
(Bob Sexton, husband of Chelsea Sexton from Who Killed the Electric Car?)

Darryl Siry Tesla photo
(VP of Marketing, Darryl Siry.)

Tesla Motors engineering photo.jpg
(Not pictured, secret battery assembly room.)

Tesla charger photo
(The juicer.)

Tesla wheel and plug photo

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