Josh Fox, Director of Gasland, on the Lies of Hydrofracking (Podcast)

Josh Fox, director of GaslandJosh Fox/Promo image

For Josh Fox, it started in 2008 when a company offered $100,000 to lease his family’s Pennsylvania property for natural gas extraction. Back then, nearly no one knew what hydrofracking was. Now, the extraction method known as fracking is at the center of a roiling battle between fossil fuel companies, bureaucrats, activists, and land owners who are complaining of effects ranging from flaming tap water to terminal illnesses. Josh Fox’s documentary, Gasland, has become the definitive piece of media on the issue of fracking. It won an Emmy, was nominated for an Oscar, and has been seen on HBO and PBS. In our conversation, he explains the finer points of the fracking process and enumerates what he says are the lies told by the natural gas industry.

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