Jamais Cascio on the Carbon Footprint of the American Cheeseburger (Audio)

In TreeHugger Radio 15 we spoke to Jamais Cascio, co-founder of WorldChanging.com and current blogger at OpenTheFuture.com, about his dynamic analysis of the carbon footprint of the great American cheeseburger (the average American eats three of them per week). Collin Dunn first brought the story to TreeHugger here, and for those hungry to hear more about the logic and approach Jamais took, listen to the extended explanation. (10 min) (listen) ::TreeHugger Radio

Update (1/18/07) Mr. Cascio has since revisited his calculations and concluded that American cheeseburger consumption emits the greenhouse equivalent of "up to 13 million SUVs." Please make a note of it and see the update at OpenTheFuture.com

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