Gus Speth Envisions America the Possible (Podcast)

Gus Speth on TreeHugger Radio© Gus Speth

Some like to call James Gustave Speth the Yoda of the green movement, but most just know him as Gus. With the dry humility befitting a Jedi, Gus Speth downplays his roles as cofounder of the NRDC, creator the World Resources Institute, administrator of the UN Development Program, chair of environmental quality under Carter, and Dean of the Yale School of Forestry. Speth talks to us about his new book, America the Possible: Roadmap to a New Economy, in which he calls for deep reforms to break our single-minded fetish with economic growth, invoke environmental sanity, and wrest financial power away from Wall Street and back to Main Street. (See a lengthy excerpt from the forthcoming book in Orion Magazine).

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Gus Speth Envisions America the Possible (Podcast)
James Gustave Speth, founder of the World Resources Institute, discusses his new book and the political reform America so dearly needs.

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