Elizabeth Kolbert on Climate Denier Politicians and Why Extreme Weather is the New Norm (Podcast)

Elizabeth Kolbert© Elizabeth Kolbert

If you’ve ever found yourself engrossed in one of The New Yorker’s environmental articles, Elizabeth Kolbert is probably the one responsible. After a decade at The New York Times, Kolbert now supplies The New Yorker with brave opinion pieces and multi-part, science-laden masterpieces. Her award-winning series, “The Climate of Man,” grew into the acclaimed book, “Field Notes from a Catastrophe,” and she is one of the most respected science journalists writing today. In our conversation, Kolbert looks back on the extreme-is-the-new-norm weather events of 2011, shares her first-hand account of tar sands oil extraction, describes the Republicans’ “enshrined counterfactual position” on global warming, and doesn’t let Obama off the hook, either.

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