Alan Rabinowitz, Defender of the Big Cats (Podcast)

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz© Steve Winter/Panthera

As a boy, Alan Rabinowitz vowed to defend and speak for the threatened animals unable to speak for themselves. In a tireless career, Rabinowitz has accomplished more than most people can even dream, establishing some of the largest animal reserves in the world from South America to Asia. Then, unsatisfied with the mega-park model, he reinvented apex predator conservation altogether. An avid adopter of cutting-edge technology, Rabinowitz and his non-profit, Panthera, have documented “lost tigers” in Bhutan, spotted leopards in Malaysia, and even nabbed poachers red handed in the process. In our interview, Rabinowitz explains why the key to fighting extinction is for humans and predators to share land in peace.

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