Tree Stump Coffee Table: Because We Can

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Aside from our obvious affinity for (and desire to hug) the leafy brethren of this table's design inspiration, the Tree Stump Coffee Table from the designers at Because We Can is a nice piece of sustainable design. The table base is made from certified sustainable maple plywood and coated with a water-based, zero-VOC finish. It's manufactured with a CNC (computer numerically controlled) routing table, meaning that the design is drawn up and locked in with a computer, which controls the router and (theoretically) creates it without mistakes; it also allows for more efficient use of wood, since offcuts can be minimized with the design, and (also theoretically) allows for the kinks in the design to be worked out before any wood is cut. When ordered, the table earns more sustainable points by shipping flat (picture below the jump) and assembles without tools or hardware. The design itself is a fun, playful, almost cartoonie forest scene; a squirrel, owl and a couple branches make up the "tree", and the table is topped with a leafy plastic top; we think it'd add a cool, punchy, fun aesthetic to a living room. Along with some of Because We Can's other cool projects (like the interactive LED table), this coffee table can be ordered from their online store. Hit the jump for some more pics of the coffee table, and learn more about the designers from their website. ::Because We Can via ::Apartment Therapy: San Francisco