Treat the Trails With Respect. Ride (And Hike) With a Bikepack

©. Steven M. Johnson

Steven M. Johnson is at it again.

In my recent post about the new Jeep e-mountain bike I concluded by noting that "I do worry about what happens when you put a big motor on a bike that can go anywhere when the road ends. I hope I am not hiking on the trail when it comes through." It reminded me of a Steven M. Johnson concept for a bike designed for trails – the Bikepack.

It's a bike that transforms into an external frame backpack like one used to see on trails. Like most multi-function devices, it is not a great bike (that tiny front wheel!) and probably pretty unbalanced as a backpack, although looking at all the cartoons we have published, I suspect Steven M. Johnson is a little unbalanced, too, perhaps leaning the other way.

Then there is the Pedalpack, where you take the load off your shoulders, and can help move everything along with the hand pedals. There should be a way to convert this into a unicycle.


© Steven M. Johnson