See the world and eat great food. WWOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms or worldwide opportunities on organic farms.. The International WWOOF Association list the aims as being: to enable people to learn first-hand about organic growing techniques, enable town-dwellers to experience living and helping on a farm, help farmers make organic production a viable alternative and improve communications within the organic movement. This is real eco-travel. As a WWOOFer you can get no-cost board and food, where you'll have an intimate opportunity to learn about local life in that host country, by living, and working, as a member of the household. In return, you'll be expected to contribute about 6 hrs/day 6 days/wk labour. You could find yourself "sowing, making compost, gardening, planting, cutting wood, weeding, making mud-bricks, harvesting, fencing, building, typing, packing, milking, feeding." National organisations supporting WWOOFing are located in Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, Republic of Ireland, UK and the US. And that's not including all the countries that have WWOOFing but no national org. Basically you sign up as a member and get a directory of farms, whom you independently contact, to arrange a visit. Some folk's most enduring travel memories have come from a spot of WWOOFing. ::International WWOOF Association [by WM]