World Cruising with a Small Footprint

If you are in the luxury yacht business, I suggest you move on immediately to the next article. For the rest of you who made your normal unrealistic New Year's resolutions, I’ve got some good news. It looks like you might just sail around the world before your 50th birthday. What, you say, you’ve got golden handcuffs to your mid-level managerial position, two kids that have saved for their college as effectively as you’ve saved for your retirement and your spouse gets seasick? Well, the good news is, less is more. The dream is the goal, the act icing on the cake. And it is eco-friendly too given that a smaller footprint is in. All you have to do is aspire, perhaps get on the microcruising mailing list (the over achievers might even want to order some study plans) and you have successfully completed your New Year's resolution. Well done. To see more of the microcruiser pictured here, check out the site of Sebastian Naslund, who built the 14-footer himself and soloed across the Atlantic.