Why not try global sand castle building ?

A few commenters pointed out that trying to rebuild medieval castles is not exactly the most sustainable project they could imagine... We would not like to encourage polemics on that issue but castles can have a positive impact on the way the world goes. That seems to be the idea at netherlands-based World Sand Sculpting Academy, whose mission is the "business of consulting, teaching and supporting local event organisers in the production of sand sculpting events world wide".How does that relate to us treehuggers, I hear you ask. Well the idea about building sand castle is that you do that on the spot, which cannot really be too far away from the source of needed raw material : a wide beach, or in your favorite desert, or wherever space is guaranteed. And what could be more romantic, and sustainable at the same time, than being born to be washed by the sea or by the wind, just the day after ?

The main objective of a castle building event is to enjoy teamwork, creativity and fun. It's all about taking good time anyway, but isn't that quite sustainable after all, especially when the funds drained from the event can be redistributed to a worthy cause such as help to phuket tsunami survivors. [Erwan Pianezza, Locronan, Brittany]

::World Sand Sculpting Academy