Wenhai Ecolodge - China

Wanna see 15 species of rhododendron? 71 species of migratory birds. Maybe 30 endangered species? How about 75% of all Tibetan medicinal herbs? Get yourself to NW Yunnan Province. (near the border with India and Tibet) And more specifically to the Wenhai EcoLodge. Perched in a valley at 10,000ft (3,000m) it can only be reached by horse or foot - you’ll need to trek in. Sounding eco enough yet? Well, what if we said that energy is provided by mini hydro ...... and solar panels. The kitchen uses methane converter that changes manure into gas. What’s more, the ecolodge is managed by a local community-owned cooperative of 56 households, who all have shares in its operation. 10% of profits go to local development and natural conservation projects. It is supported by The Nature Conservancy under their international program. Double rooms $12 night (including 3 meals - mostly vegetarian). And some mean looking mountain scenery right off the the front porch. A tip from from the prolific Michele Weingeist weeks ago. Wenhai Ecolodge[by WM]


The Lodge


The view