We'll believe it when we see it Dept: Landfill Island as Eco-Tourist Site

Semakau_aerial view.jpg
Just off Singapore, the Government has built an artificial island entirely of garbage and has opened it for eco-tourism. 2000 tonnes of construction debris and ash from incineration plants are dumped daily into impermeable plastic cells. Mangrove plantations were installed as "biological indicators" to detect leaks of harmful waste into the sea. Recent surveys indicate rare sea grasses, giant barramundi cod and black tipped sharks seem to like the place, along with 55 species of birds. Says the Minister of the Environment: "this is a way for Singapore to show the world that as a nation this is a very responsible way to manage our waste and manage our environment." Right. Burn it, dump it and watch the birds it attracts. Sounds like a good plan to me. ::Singapore Environmental Agency Paging Elizabeth Royte!