Trees for Travelers


Kaikoura, well known for their dolphin encounters and incredible seafood is also an eco-tourist hotspot on the South Island of New Zealand. In order to address the increasingly guilty feeling eco-travelers might have, Kaikoura has developed a way you can travel and still feel good about your CO2 emissions. 'Trees for Travelers' is a program that enables visitors, or anyone really, to purchase a native tree. The tree is planted locally in an effort to reforest the area. But, the best part is you can monitor your tree's growth on-line! The native tree species were selected as they are said to help stop erosion, sequester CO2 and also offset the impact of over 1 million visitors each year. Your tree choices range from $20 for a shrub, to $40 for a large heritage tree. Details of the native trees, along with photos can be found on their site. The Trees for Travelers initiative is designed to help Kaikoura achieve their zero waste policy, because an eco destination is all about leaving the place better then when you arrived. ::Trees for Travelers

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