Train to Coachella Music Festival Reduces Cars

Coachella Express Train sideview

This years Coachella festival was the first of its kind with its own train and train station. To help reduce the carbon footprint of a 3-day music festival held in the desert, organizers found a way to make one giant carpool – that came in the form of the Coachella Express. After a year of planning between Coachella, Global Inheritance, Golden Voice and Amtrak, this train idea got, well, rolling.Any Coachella camper was allowed to ride the train free of cost and it was sold out (roughly 500 people), showing that attendees thought it was a great idea too. But that’s not all, train riders were treated to the musical styling’s of DJ Junkie XL, given free ice-cream sandwiches and VIP wristbands for all three days. They also got Coachella Express t-shirts. Score! The biggest bonus – not having to circle the lot 15 times just looking for a parking space.

Coachella Express Train passengers

The train went from downtown Los Angeles out to the City of Indio, leaving Thursday afternoon and returning home Sunday morning. Officials estimate that the train took roughly 500 cars off the road, also eliminating congestion at the event and reducing the Coachella carbon footprint.

Passengers were dancing, talking, and getting psyched up before the event. Kind of like a party before the party - sure beats sitting in traffic for four hours. The train was so successful this year that event planners are already working to ensure a Coachella Express train runs again next year.

Coachella Express check-in sign

Coachella is a three-day music festival held each spring in Indio, California. There are multiple stages and dozens of acts performing each day. Temperatures usually are in the 90-100s F each day, with an audience of thousands attending each year.

You too can score a one of a kind Coachella Express t-shirt by sending an email to Coachella Express.

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