Top-Twenty Birds: Birder's World Feature


Last summer, Birder's World magazine asked readers to vote for the birds they most want to see. "In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Birder's World — the premier magazine for birdwatchers — suggests where and when to go to see each of the top 20 birds in its December 2006 issue". The list includes North America's largest owls (Snowy and Great Gray) and the smallest (Elf); the continent's tallest bird (Whooping Crane); the bird with the largest wingspan (California Condor); and the two largest hummingbirds (Blue-throated and Magnificent). Our favorite, coming in at Number 11, was the Elegant Trogon.Did we mention that bird lovers love trees?

Image credit: Al Tozier, via the Chuparaosa Inn, a Bed and Breakfast place that looks like it would welcome any TreeHugger-Bird Lovers who drop by to look for an Elegant Trogon.

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